Since the industrial revolution, the world has seemed to shrink and with the rapid advancement of technology, globalization has sped even faster. Today it is essential for businesses to have access to international markets.

There are many reasons for businesses to engage in international trade. Exposure available on the internet easily reaches millions of potential customers around the globe. Raw materials, products or resources may be purchased, manufactured, or distributed, cheaper, more efficiently, or even easier in other nations. 

Whatever the specificities of the case, import/export businesses have been remarkably popular and successful for centuries and continue to be an indispensable part of the growing business world.

Small businesses hoping to enter and capitalize on international trade, may find entry intimidating, but in reality the import/export field is roughly 96 percent small independent companies. We are finding that today's customers prefer the intimacy and specificity offered by smaller companies as their traits are deemed more appealing and advantageous.